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Split system Air Condition

Split systems are generally used to air condition houses, although they are equally suitable for commercial environments such as small shops and small offices. They can be used for both cooling and heating. A single split system air conditioning system comes in two pieces. One piece contains the compressor, condenser and a fan, and is installed outside the building. The other piece has an evaporator and a fan. The two are connected by piping that carries the refrigerant.When asking for recommendations, it’s a good idea to measure the room (or rooms) you wish to air condition before speaking with us. Here’s a quick two-step guide to help you work out what size system you need: 1. Calculate the area of the room. 2. Multiply the area by 150* watts. For example, your room is 6m by 5m: 6m x 5m = 30 m² 30 m² x 150 watts = 4500 watts (4.5Kw)

Aircon Cleaning service

If your looking Professional,Expert and Quality air condition cleaning service please contact us…. We will clean your Air condition unit in best price..